Maximize Repeat Business
Enhance The Guest Experience
Personalize Guest Communications
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Capture email addresses from 50% of your guests

  • Get back in touch with your guests to drive repeat business
  • Utilize the power of retention marketing

Use loyalty campaigns to generate $3K+ of incremental revenue / month

  • Use powerful loyalty campaigns to bring guests back more often
  • Improve brand recognition and maximize guest retention
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Capture data from 80% of customers

  • Turn every guest into a mystery shopper
  • Seamlessly view data in Tuee’s online dashboard

No guest leaves unsatisfied

  • Receive instant alerts when a guest is upset
  • Know what every guest would say online before they leave your restaurant
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Personalize Guest Communications

  • Tuee's automated personalized emails get 4X the average email open rates
  • Tuee's integration with MailChimp enables you to automate personalized email messages easily

Share Positive Experiences

  • Engage with your guests on social media
  • Share positive guest comments on your facebook and twitter pages

The average Tuee customer sees a 10x ROI

1/2 Star Yelp Rating Increase

"Every restaurant should use Tuee. Guests love it and it enables us to finally know what every guest is thinking. Tuee has exponentially grown our email database and has delivered customer insights that have enabled us to grow quickly and become a very successful restaurant."

Chris Estrada Owner at Tabernas Tapas
Chris estrada
$6k Revenue Increase
in One Month

"Tuee enables me to generate additional revenue during down weeks. Any restaurateur would find this to be an invaluable tool to keep revenue consistently high."

Justin Harkey RM at Francesca Restaurant Group
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70% Email Open Rates

"Tuee has enabled us to increase our email database and increase the number of people that see our emails. Tuee's email retention tool is easy to use so I can set it and forget it. Most importantly, Tuee has given us insane open rates: above 70% on their emails. If you value email marketing at all, Tuee is a no brainer for you. More emails, higher open rates, more return guests."

Dean Ogan President at Rocky Top Hospitality
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How Tuee works

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